buy beef jerky bowls of jerkyWhy Buy Beef Jerky From Dan’s Smokehouse?  That’s easy to answer!!

People who buy beef jerky already have good reasons for doing so, it’s healthy, it’s a great portable snack and it tastes good.

Whether you are a beef jerky fan who loves to buy beef jerky and do so all the time or you keep trying to buy beef jerky and haven’t found the right brand, you have now with Dan’s very best beef jerky.  Since Dan has sold 2.7 million packages, that probably says it all!

There are many, many jerky manufacturers but Dans’ customers would argue you need to buy beef jerky from Dan’s Smokehouse!  Everyone from cowboys to heart surgeons stand behind the brand as the best beef jerky you can buy.

Buy Beef Jerky From Dan’s And You Can Stop Searching!

If you buy beef jerky from Dan, you know you’re buying the best beef jerky that is made with no sugar, no MSG, and is full of protein and other nutrients that your body needs.

Unlike many other manufacturers out there, Dan makes his jerky using a recipe that preserves the natural healthy substances in the meat less all the other things that are unhealthy for you.  And the cut of beef Dan uses is USDA choice and his ‘prized’ secret!

At Dan’s Smokehouse, you buy beef jerky that’s made with a recipe that Dan himself spent two decades testing and tasting until everything is just right. The raving reviews on this site show just how loved Dan’s beef jerky is!

Buy Beef Jerky From Dan & Buy Gourmet Perfected Jerky!

When you buy beef jerky from Dan, you’ll soon see why its known as gourmet quality.  The secret that makes this beef jerky so much better than the rest is not only in the perfectly mixed combination of spices, it’s in the secret cut of beef that Dan uses.  If you buy beef jerky from Dan, you aren’t getting slices of brisket or the bits left over when the steaks are cut.

Dan won’t tell you just which cut he uses, but when you buy beef jerky from Dan, you’ll know why his is the best. His beef jerky is tender and chewy, not tough and stringy. You’ll know the difference from the first bite.

If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a treat…call Dan at (817)559-0006 to buy  beef jerky fresh from Dan!

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