beef jerky nutrition The Skinny on Beef Jerky Nutrition – A Great Low-Fat Snack!

Beef jerky nutrition may sound strange but as a low carb, high protein snack, it is a very popular and healthy snack especially for weight loss.

It begins with the cut of beef.  Some manufacturers form meat from left over scraps while others cut strips from the brisket.  What makes beef jerky outstanding as a weight loss treat is the cut of beef used.

Dan’s Smokehouse in Texas uses a top choice cut of beef that no other manufacturer uses.  It’s a secret of this well known manufacturer he won’t disclose or other beef jerky makers would attempt to copy his 20 year old recipe. Most manufacturers use brisket which is not only a tough piece of meat, the texture is tough as well.

Beef Jerky Nutrition – 100% Natural, No Sugar or MSG

Beef jerky provides many essential nutrients our bodies need.  Dan’s beef jerky is 100% natural, no sugar or MSG, low carb and high protein.  The reason beef jerky nutrition is very real is the high protein count helps to curb hunger and appetite which in turn, helps you lose weight.

Most packaged foods contain chemicals that preserve, add color and flavor, with ingredients you can hardly pronounce.  Almost all have tremendous amounts of sugar added.  With Dan’s beef jerky nutrition sticks, none of those harmful ingredients have been added.  It’s just beef with spices added.

Most people like the taste and texture when it’s made right. It’s a grab-and-go easy munchie that you can take just about anywhere. The somewhat secret bonus to beef jerky nutrition is it’s a sugar free snack food.

Beef Jerky Nutrition – Dan’s Way

If you make beef jerky like Dan does, it is a very healthy treat that fits into most diets. It’s a very lean beef high in protein but low in fat and calories.

Those who are trying to lose weight with the low-carb approach will enjoy the weight loss benefits. You’ll soon come to the inevitable conclusion beef jerky nutrition is very real!

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