Rave Reviews

Love this jerky, grew up eating it throughout my childhood especially around the holidays! Ordering more really soon. Everyone here in NM loves it. Hailey Chaffin

I LOVE THIS JERKY! It’s the best I have found and I have started ordering it in bulk. I’ve grown up taking long road trips across Texas and trying all kinds of jerky along the way. This is my absolute favorite. Dorothy Dickie

I really love jerky, and I think I have tried every brand out there. This is my absolute favorite in every way. It is the perfect spice, perfect texture, and perfect thickness. Love it! Jenny Slight

Located in Weatherford Texas, Dan's Smokehouse makes one seriously good Jerky… Give it a try!

This is seriously mmm…mmm… good.

I have not been to the actual location but I picked up some of the jerky at a local convenience store. That’s some good jerky. Beef jerky is a must on road trips and Dan’s Smokehouse X-treme hot beef jerky hit the spot right own… mmmm John M, Dallas, TX

Best Jerky On The Planet! When I tried the jerky I immediately called the number on the packaging and ordered a case to send to the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jerky used to be my favorite thing to get when I was over there during Desert Storm, and I was sure they would appreciate Dan’s. It’s really the best I’ve ever had, and the folks at this establishment were very helpful. Frmrprtpr


Since I discovered Dan’s Jerky in 2005, I’ve been completely hooked on the X-Treme Hot Jerky. Dan’sSmokehouse has spoiled me — I can’t even go back to Jack Link’s or Pemican. Scotch-Bonnet

I was traveling through Weatherford 2 days ago. I stopped at a store to get a snack and found this jerky. I have to say its one of the best Ive ever eaten and am on the internet now trying to find out if I can order more, mmmmmmmmmmmm. Howell D.

It really is our favorite jerky and I’ll be ordering more next month!

The only problem with my original order from “Dan’s Smokehouse” is that I didn’t order enough! It’s our family’s favorite jerky! Magdalena

I have eaten jerky all over Texas – and the world – and Dan’s is the best!! There have been times when, without his jerky (and his other goodies) I would have gone hungry. I particularly like the really hot, peppered kind, but all of it is delicious! Really satisfies your taste for meat! HappyDoc

Dan & Latha- your product and your customer service are both excellent! As you know, I’ve sent your jerky to relatives and they love it just as much as I do. I’ve recommended it to several people. Thanks again for all you do and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Jon B

I have known Dan for over thirty years and have watched him research jerky making and develop his product. I have eaten a lot of other jerky but have not found any that tastes as good as his. The quality and taste has always been excellent. George Walden