Our Favorite Guests Here at Dan’s Smokehouse

We have a whole lot of visitors come visit us here at Dan’s Smokehouse. We always enjoy meeting our customers face to face…both existing and new customers. Hearing how our customers enjoy our beef jerky and beef snack sticks is very rewarding. Our absolute favorite visitors, though, are Latha’s Mom and Dad. George and Lois. They bring a richness to our family and our family business. They have wisdom, that we have been fortunate enough to tap into. They have always had good business minds and are always willing to lend a helping hand when the need arises. The support they give is priceless. The love they have is evident.

Pre Dan’s Smokehouse … On the Ranch

Latha was raised on a huge Texas ranch. Three thousand acre huge, that is. That meant a lot of cattle and a lot of guests at the ranch. She was accustomed to having fresh beef frequently. A privilege she still enjoys to this day, with Dan’s Smokehouse. Her dad would bar-be-que meat outside on the grill, in a way that everyone enjoyed so much. He still prepares delicious meats on the grill. Her mom would prepare everything homemade and is still such an incredible cook. Little did Latha know that she would one day marry a man (Dan) that would cook meat and bar-be-que for a profession. Growing up, Latha’s favorite guests were her grandmothers and aunt. Family and family values played an important part in her family’s lives.

Dan’s Smokehouse Origins

Dan’s Smokehouse has a full circle of perfecting beef preparation and family business. You see, Dan’s father was a meat butcher here in Weatherford, Texas. His father loved the meat business. He taught Dan how to prepare different varieties of meat.  Dan’s grandfather and his uncles family were and still are in the meat business.

Dan’s father taught him business values and good work ethics. His father, later, had a family business of his own. Again, family values. He would have been proud of Dan’s Smokehouse.

Sometimes looking back at the simplicity and support of family can really bring a business back to center. When Latha’s Mom and Dad come to visit, it really brings us back to focus. With her Mom and Dad’s experience, love and support, we feel empowered to be the best possible. The best in all areas of our lives. Their years of experience gives them much wisdom. They bring a lot to the table, a whole lot to our family and a lot to our beef jerky business.

Our favorite guests, here at Dan’s Smokehouse, continue to be Latha’s Mom and Dad, George and Lois. When you taste how good our beef jerky and beef snack sticks are, here at Dan’s Smokehouse, remember that a whole lot of family heritage has contributed to our success. There is a whole lot of ingredients that make up our products. The main ingredient is LOVE.

(George and Lois pictured above)


Dan and Latha

Dan’s Smokehouse






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