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Dan has spent many years perfecting his beef jerky recipes. It has become an art form to him that he just loves to do!  He is a man with a mission and a passion to make the best jerky possible and he’s done that.

Every morning, our facility and teams are inspected by our plant manager and our health inspector. The health inspector for Texas has an office right in our facility!  You can be assured your beef jerky is cut, trimmed, seasoned and cooked in a sterile and spotless Texas certified facility!

We hand trim all of our meat, weigh it, add spices and then marinade overnight. That ensures you’ll have the best beef jerky ever!

The beef jerky strips are carefully placed on stainless rods onto a cart and then loaded into “Big Bertha”, our smoker. “Big Bertha” is a stainless steel, computerized smoker.

Dan’s Beef Jerky With Hickory Smoke

We use real hickory wood to smoke our beef jerky. Dan loves experimenting with unique flavors of the different types of wood and loves the flavor of hickory smoke. Dan likes to cook beef jerky the old fashioned way without liquid smoke. The reason Dan doesn’t use liquid smoke for beef jerky is liquid smoke has chemicals and we like everything chemical free!

When the beef jerky strips have reached the proper internal temperature, and the dehydration is perfect, then the cooking cycle is complete.

The cooked jerky strips are carefully removed from “Big Bertha”.  The cart is carefully unloaded and put into sanitized, airtight containers.  In our sterile ‘packing room’ the jerky is sized, carefully weighted and vacuumed packed.

The jerky is then placed into a cooler until your order is filled.  Product does not stay on our shelves for more than a week.  We don’t make batches of jerky ahead of time to have them sit around. We want the jerky to come to you fresh and delectable!

Dan’s Beef Jerky Guaranteed!

Dan smokes meat all the time!  Not just for our jerky customers, for special family occasions, too. He’s always cooking meat for someone as he loves to cook. Don’t ask Latha how many smokers he has. It’s like asking some women how many shoes they have.

We are so sure you’ll find Dan’s jerky the best you ever tasted, we guarantee beef jerky to your satisfaction!

Have any questions?  Call Dan at (817) 599-0006 for help with beef jerky.


  1. Christan says:

    I am still in aww with how amazing the beef jerky is.. I love it so much, when I go into the two stores that sell it here in Graham Texas, they know what I am getting :) I buy them out within a few days of them getting a new order in stock!! I tell everyone about it!! GREAT BEEF JERKY…The best I have ever ate…… KEEP IT UP!!!!

  2. dan says:

    Thanks Christan! Thank you for taking your time to leave a comment. We appreciate your business and glad you enjoy our products.
    New flavors coming soon.

  3. Gordana says:

    Sounds great!

  4. dan says:

    We had a few visitors, yesterday, traveling from California to Fort Benning, Georgia!
    They were a young US Army couple with two adorable babies. It was great to meet them and wish them well on their travels. For them to take their precious time out to come meet us really made our day!
    We appreciate ALL of our US soldiers and pray God will keep them all safe, while they are working to keep us all safe.
    Thank you troops!
    Dan and Latha

  5. Steve L-B says:

    I had the joy of being gifted a selection of Dan’s beef jerkey whilst in San Diego recently and I loved it. The taste was amazing, well balanced and I’m salivating just thinking about it. I made sure I brought a few packets home to Australia so my 15 year old son could have a taste and within a few days it was all gone (well that’s what I thought). My son just loved it and I had to ration the last couple of packets. He loved the plain beef and was daring enough to try and enjoy the black pepper. For myself my favorite is the black pepper, hot and so tasty but not too hot but I also loved the X-treme HOT red pepper variety too in smaller doses.

    It’s now been over 9 weeks since we came back home and I recently found one packet of black peppered jerkey unopened. Now we’ve had a series of hot temperatures in Melbourne over Christmas and New Year period averaging over 35c or 95f and up to 40c or 104f and amazingly the jerky was in the same great condition and taste as when I first tasted it in Del Mar out of San Diego. It tasted soooooo good again I’m so glad it almost got lost so I could get another taste.

    Gordana, sounds great… yes but it tastes even better.

    • dan says:

      Great hearing from you, Steve! So glad you and your son enjoyed the jerky! Glad you found the other package too.
      I’m off to make some more jerky. I’m cooking all three flavors today. Wish you were here to taste some right after we unload the cart, while it is still warm. Yum!
      May your comments and good wishes BOOMERANG!

  6. SGT Hamilton says:

    I am stationed in the Great 82nd Airborne Division stationed in Afghanistan.
    I have a steady order of the eXtreme Jerjy coming to me, that i share with my guysa
    It does not matter how rough of a day we had or how long the mission was the first thing my guys ask is did you get any mail…you get any of that AWESOME JERKY?
    It’s amazing how when you are over here what a little bag of “home” will do for your spirit!
    I am craving this jerky now as i speak, hurry up mail carying Black Hawks!

    SGT Hamilton, Brian P
    United States Army,

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