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Dan Talks About His New Thin Cut Beef Jerky

Our new Thin Cut Jerky is a new favorite. Jerky lovers sometimes want a thinner cut of jerky, and this fits the bill.

It still has the wonderful taste of our other beef jerky, it is just sliced thinner and is a little dryer than our other beef  jerky. It is probably the way the “old timers” used to prepare their beef jerky.

It is great to put in a backpack and head outdoors. A great snack that you can easily eat and a high protein, low carb, low fat, and of course a no sugar snack.

(photo of our turn of the century horse buggy)


The Outdoors and A Great Snack With His New Thin Cut Beef Jerky

Dan loves the outdoors and he loves to talk about his jerky. He loves trying new recipes and new cuts of meet. He has found another winner with this new thin cut beef jerky. When we go outdoors, we take beef jerky and or snack sticks. Our own Dan’s Smokehouse Beef Jerky and Beef Sticks, of course.

Our New Thin Cut Beef Jerky

We get back reports that this jerky is easier to eat than our regular beef jerky. You can savor the flavor a lot longer with Dan’s New Thin Cut Beef Jerky.

It is perfect for traveling. It takes up very little space, is light weight and lasts longer, retaining the unique mouth watering flavor of our other jerky. People are taking our New Thin Cut Beef Jerky on trail rides, picnics, deer hunting, to the beach, to the mountains, to school, to the backyard or even to the living room. In other words, this a very convenient high protein snack food that you could take just about anywhere.

We are getting ready to start shipping a lot of Our New Thin Cut Beef Jerky to our brave troops. Like we said, it lasts a long time. That is great for shipping long distances. Needless to say, once it reaches our brave troops, it won’t last long.

If you ever come to Weatherford and want to stop by, please do and if we have any of our New Thin Cut Beef Jerky in stock, we will be happy to give you a free sample to try. It doesn’t last long around here. As fast as we can make it, we sell it.

Glad you stopped by today. We hope you have a great day!

Dan and Latha

Dan’s Smokehouse



  1. Dan says:

    We have been getting beef jerky requests from some Preppers. People that are preparing for some really hard times ahead. It looks like there are going to be a lot of people hanging out with our jerky this December 21. This is certainly a food item that is great if someone is looking for some high protein snack or meal. Studying how the old timers used to prepare their food can really help if someone likes living that way or if someone thinks we might have to go back to that way of life.
    Our Thin Cut (Flat) jerky, is really good for storing since it is a lot thinner than our regular jerky. The shelf life is good on this jerky.
    We can ship out the Thin Cut Jerky, but you have to call Dan at 817-599-0006 to order it.
    We hope you have a great “Solar Day” ,
    Dan and Latha

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