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We make beef jerky and beef snack sticks.  We take our business, here at Dan’s Smokehouse, seriously. We also recognize and acknowledge when someone else has a great product and great customer service.

Have you ever been so pleased with an outcome, that you just had to share your experience with others? A person, thing, service? Someone or something that out-performs all the others?

Recommending is a pretty serious thing, wouldn’t you agree? It is like your name is on the line. We don’t ever hap-haphazardly recommend anyone or anything, without fully believing in our recommendation.

Why Dan and Latha Recommend

Although our website is pretty much about our products, beef jerky, beef snack sticks and deer processing, we are going to start a blog here on people and things we, Dan and Latha, recommend. So many people recommend, to others, our beef jerky,  beef snack sticks and deer processing, that we make here at Dan’s Smokehouse. We really appreciate that!

We’d like to do the same for others.

Who Dan and Latha Recommend

We will start this one out with a very special veterinarian. His name is Dr. Wynn. He lives in Brock, Texas. That is here, in Parker County Texas. He is our family vet. Well, our family’s animal vet. Dr. Wynn loves animals and they love him. He has helped us out several times and we are always impressed with the help and attention he administers to our animals. We are impressed with his vast knowledge and understanding of animals. He is also very kind and gentle with our animals.

Dr. Wynn was out here, a few weeks ago, helping us with one of our animals, our mule. Sometimes we call our mule Shocky, because of his hairdo. Sometimes we call him Roy. From Roy Rogers and a friend named Roy. Sometimes we call him The Mule. You can figure that one out. Dr. Wynn helped Shocky tremendously.

Dr. Warren Wynn can be reached at 817-304-3201 if you are looking for an outstanding veterinarian around Weatherford, Texas. He is first class all the way. As much as we enjoy making beef jerky and snack sticks, Dr. Wynn enjoys his profession. You can tell it as soon as he steps out of his pickup

Dan and Latha recommend you have an outstanding day!

Dan and Latha

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