Our Journey: The Beginnings of Making Our Beef Jerky Sugar Free

Why is eating sugar free so important to Dan’s family?

Eating healthy has always been a priority at our home because optimal health has been a priority here. Having a happy and healthy family is top priority here.

In Latha’s quest for raising a happy and healthy family, she started researching, years ago, 32 years ago in fact, about what sugar did to the body, internally.

In her research, through all these years, she has found much information about how sugar is enemy to the colon, how sugar feeds cancer, how sugar can damage the heart, how sugar can age a person and other ways in which sugar is enemy to the body. Many people didn’t understand, back then, why our family was on this health journey. Now, many of those same people call us or come for a visit to see how we cook without sugar. Latha has spoken at conferences about getting sugar out of the home, so you can see that this is something we have been passionate about.

We were created to eat natural sugars. As in fruits, honey and other natural ways.

When they were young,they thought that “sugar free” was an ingredient. We chuckle about that now.

Why We Decided To Have Our Beef Jerky Sugar Free

Being health conscious for our family, spills over into our business. We felt for years that getting sugar out of our jerky products would be a great benefit to us and to our customers. With a lot of persistence and hard work, that was accomplished. It took Dan about 5 years into production to get sugar out of the jerky and to keep the excellent flavor.

We have come a long way since we started and we are very proud of the fact that we can say we have beef jerky sugar free. How do we make beef jerky? Sugar free, of course!


The Results of Having Our Beef Jerky Sugar Free

With people even more health conscious now, than ever before, more people understand and appreciate us the benefits of us having our beef jerky sugar free. Even if people are not aware that they are eating a more nutritious product, WE know that we are making the most nutritious good tasting, product possible.


Have a great day and here’s to your health!

Dan and Latha


Dan’s Smokehouse, the place to get your beef jerky sugar free.

PS If anyone wants one of our family favorite sugar free recipes, just let us know and we will post it here at Dan’s Smokehouse blog. Forget about getting Dan’s jerky recipe, though. Hehe!


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